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5 tips for keeping your restaurant clean


When working with food, it’s essential that a clean, hygienic environment is maintained. For restaurants, keeping kitchens and serving areas clean is an ongoing process and shows a commitment to excellence. No one wants to eat in a dirty restaurant, and unhygienic conditions could even lead to a loss of business.

Across the globe, restaurants have been shut down for failing to maintain hygienic conditions but in many cases, if they’d been kept clean, they’d still be in operation. These five tips can help you keep your restaurant clean and ensure your kitchen always meets the highest standards.

Assign duties

By assigning daily, weekly and even monthly tasks employees know what is expected of them. You can draw up a roster and have employees check tasks off as they are done, ensuring that no one misses out on any of their duties.

Clean as you go

It’s far easier to clean as you work rather than deal with a build up of mess at the end of service. Training employees to clean as they go goes a long way to running a successful operation, and whether it’s keeping the commercial glass washers such as those available at working so that dirty glasses don’t accumulate, or wiping counters every hour, it all makes a difference.

Deep clean daily

At the end of service, the entire kitchen should be cleaned thoroughly. This includes scrubbing floors and making sure the insides of fridges, commercial glass washers, dishwashers and other appliances are completely clean. Any old food should be properly discarded and grease traps emptied and all leftovers wrapped and labelled and stored as needed.

Weekly rotation

Weekly cleaning rosters are essential and every week a restaurant kitchen should be cleaned from top to bottom. Food in the walk-in fridge should be rotated, shelves sanitised and sinks, drains and floors sanitised too. All ovens and machines should also be cleaned out completely, as this will also ensure their longevity.

Monthly lists

If you stick to the four tips listed here the fifth will be easy. At the end of every month you’ll need to check that the rosters have been followed and that all cleaning has been conducted properly. It’s also a good idea to wash down walls and windows monthly to make the kitchen feel even cleaner.