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Adrafinil requires no prescription to buy legally


Considered as a eugeroic, Adrafinil is a Nootropic compound. Apart from producing congnitive benefits, it also acts as stimulant. The benefits of consuming Adrafinil increases wakefulness in daytime keeping one alert as well as boosts one’s energy and affects mood positively. This smart drug is used for focus, attention, memory, mood and sleep disorders. In short, it motivates and keeps one energetic and active. It was originated by Lafon which is a French Pharmaceutical Company in 1970’s.

Easily available, Adrafinil requires no prescription to buy legally as it is not a controlled substance. Before consuming this product, one needs to consult doctor for its side effects. It was previously manufactured as Olmifon. Its production was discontinued by its present firm.  The drug was prescribed as narcolepsy for patients in Europe with sleeping disorders. It is a proven medicine that reduces fatigue and keeps one active. The Adrafinil mainly effect directly on adrenergic system and catecholamine hormones which is the part of nervous systme that keeps you energetic and excited. It releases epinephrine along with producing a peculiar adrenaline rush.

The benefits of Adrafinil are quiet distinctive. First of all, it acts as a general stimulant. It directly gives you more energy, stamina and attention to people suffering from serious sleeping problems. Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy are sleeping disorders on which Adrafinil is prescribed. The other benefit of this drug is for those who work at night like doctors, nurses, drivers or students. This supplement motivates and keeps one awake and alert along with reducing the stress.


One can also use Adrafinil for the breakdown of Dopamine that helps to cut stress. It also regularizes sleep as it releases Serotonin which later drains anxiety. Further it modulates Glutamate receptors positively. It prevents laziness and improves memory and communication skills along with enhancing cognitive performance.

Adrafinil has some Nootropic like effects that includes cognitive benefits with improved memory and better learning capacity. Users can experience quick recalling along with good communication skills with the consumption of this drug. It is known to curb the stress and makes one makes work beneath draining. It mimics the chemical process which prepares the body to fight against the danger.

Adrafinil increases the intensity of the neurotransmitter Hypocretin which leads to an enlarged production of other hormones. Dopamine, Histamine and Norepinephrine are directly connected to mental as well as physical energy level playing an vital role in being alert and zealous. Though, one may face few side effects if they don’t consult an doctor. Users may suffer from frequent headaches, dizziness, and nausea and stomach discomfort. Using it for longer period can also turn into dangerous for liver by creating enzymes. Keeping a track of liver function is must while taking this supplement.

The recommended dosage of Adrafinil is between 150mg to 300mg. One should start the dosage in small amount. To avoid side effects one can consume this Nootropic keeping one week off after taking two weeks. Adrafinil requires no prescription to buy legally and thereforethis central nervous system stimulant can be ordered online.