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Everything You Must Know About HGH


HGH, a peptide hormone plays the central part in stimulating growth, development and regeneration of a human cell.  It is produced in anterior pituitary gland in the brain, and is circulated in the whole body through blood. It remains active in the circulation for a few minutes, after which it gets converted it into growth factors, like insulin-like growth factor-1, or IGF-1, by liver. This growth factor controls all the anabolic activities. It is one of the biggest ingredients in many drugs offered only on the basis of prescription. Its natural production slows down with the increasing age of an individual (mainly functional till the age of 25). The concentration of HGH in average male circulation is 5mg/ml. Woman bearing child has twice this amount of growth hormone in her blood. Growth hormone is released majorly during deep sleep, so it is recommended to have a good long nap to maintain HGH, supplemented with balanced diet.

Its utilization was first observed in genetic disorders like (Turner’s syndrome and Down’s syndrome etc.) resulting in stunted growth in children. In adults, it is mainly used against  growth hormone deficiency induced metabolic problems like short bowel syndrome in which the nutrients are not absorbed well by the small intestine, or in cases of pituitary tumors and muscle-deteriorating disorders like HIV-AIDS, osteoporosis and in rare cases of cognitive disability. Apart from these medicinal uses, the growth hormone is callously used as performance-enhancing drug. However this usage is not approved by FDA.

HGH products and actions

In order to obtain a perfectly shaped muscular body, people are drifting towards the use of steroids accompanied with the exploitation of Human growth factor in addition. There are three ways in market to replenish the HGH levels in our body i.e. via HGH oral sprays, injections and supplements. These are not very cost-effective though. It has been suggested that HGH leads to augmented muscle growth by stimulating improved collagen synthesis, increase muscle strength helping in performing more exercise with less breaks, escalates bone density, reduced fat (majorly abdominal and visceral) proportions, and induce other benefits like increased libido. Reports suggest that HGH helps in fastened wound healing by regulating bone mineral metabolism. It generally enhances the process of muscle glycolysis (anaerobic respiration). It also inhibits the formation of fatty acids and lipids, may even lead to lipolysis (triglycerides to fatty acids). According to their website, many companies suggest that HGH supplements have also displayed anti-ageing effects (decelerates age associated degenerative disorders), due to the receptor mediated activation of Insulin like growth factor-1. It even reduces the cardiovascular risks by regulating the lipoprotein metabolism, decreasing obesity. HGH can help improving immune system of the body.Natural ways to increase human growth hormone levels include laughter, liver detoxification, L-glutamine, exercise and sleep.

HGH side effects

There are many ill-effects of HGH supplements. There can be enlargement of body organs, skeletal changes, cardiomegaly (increase in the size of heart), and muscle weakness with tingling sensations throughout (carpel tunnel syndrome), skin irritation, hair coarsening, hyperlipidemia, and high sugar levels. According to their website, companies suggest that the HGH supplements should be taken only after proper medical consultation.