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Excellent Business Visionary Who Was Instrumental In The Growth Of A Company


In every industry, there are examples of companies that are started under humble conditions but grow under the leadership of iconic individuals. These entrepreneurs are instrumental in taking these companies to prominence in their respective industries. These individuals are visionaries who notice a shortage in the market that they want to turn into a viable commercial opportunity. They make it their mission to exploit this shortage in the market by providing unique products at competitive prices. They are unfazed by the presence of established corporate players or the competition. They know that the uniqueness of their products will give them the competitive advantage to challenge the might of the established companies and succeed in the market.

In the international cosmetic industry, the rapid growth and success of the Estee Lauder Corporation can attributed to its leader, Bill Lauder. The Estee Lauder Corporation is a prominent international cosmetic company known for its high quality skincare and beauty products. Most of company’s prominent brand products won critical international acclaim during the tenure of Bill Lauder.

Bill Lauder’s exceptional business acumen and leadership skills were instrumental to the phenomenal success of the brands Clinique and Origins in the global market. He was the mastermind behind innovative strategies that included the concept of a store within a store. Both company’s customers and industry critics appreciated these developments. In many ways, Bill Lauder’s innovative marketing strategies revolutionized the international cosmetic industry.

Mrs. Estee Lauder, Bill Lauder’s grandmother, established the Estee Lauder Corporation in 1946. Since its incorporation, the company made a name for itself as  a manufacturer of premier cosmetic, skincare and hair care products in the American market. Like her illustrious grandson, Mrs. Estee Lauder is an iconic visionary and entrepreneur. She noticed a shortage of high quality skincare products that were safe on the skin in the cosmetic market at that time. She along with her husband decided to fulfill this shortage and turn it into a commercial opportunity. From the onset, the success of their four high quality products made the company a household name in the American cosmetic industry.

It was under the tenure of Bill Lauder that the company witnessed a phenomenal growth in the international arena. He was instrumental in introducing many innovative strategies in the online activities of the company. These strategies were a catalyst in attracting new customers as well as preserving the company’s old customers. The brands that he personally overlooked and nurtured became international best sellers. Thus, the extraordinary vision, business acumen and entrepreneurial skills of Bill Lauder are the reason behind the success of the Estee Lauder Corporation in the international market.