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Function of growth hormone releasing hormone

releasing hormone

There are different types of hormones present in the body and each of them is having major responsibilities. Among all of them the growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) is the most important one and it is produced in the gland named hypothalamus. You may wonder why this is very imperative than others. The main reason is it is the hormone that stimulates the pituitary gland to secret more growth hormones in the body. A person will have proper body development only when he or she has the growth hormone in the sufficient amount.  The growth hormone is the responsible one for the muscle and bone growth.

The GHRH hormone is not only effectual in stimulating the pituitary gland but also controls many physical functions inside the body. Apart from this growth hormone releasing hormone, the insulin like growth factor which is produced by liver and other body organs can cause growth and metabolic actions. There is another hormone named somatostatin secreted by hypothalamus. The main action of this hormone is to control the growth hormone secretion induced by the growth hormone releasing hormone. It is because sometimes the growth hormone releasing hormone will affect the person’s memory, sleep and food consumption. Therefore it has to be controlled in the proper level.

Generally, the somatostatin, growth hormone releasing hormone, insulin like growth factor and growth hormone will regulate each other to balance hormone production inside the body. It is because the function of GHRH will increase the circulation of growth hormone as well as insulin like growth factor. As the result, the secretion of growth hormone releasing hormone will be affected in the hypothalamus gland and at the same time, the secretion of somatostatin will increase.  Ultimately the somatostatin will prevent the growth hormone secretion. Then the person will be having many physiological issues. This is the main reason why each of these hormones is controlling each other. If there is any problem in the production of any hormone then it will affect the other hormones and finally there will be a big problem in the body development.

But sometimes, the secretion of growth hormone releasing hormone will be higher or it will be lower. Both of these conditions are not good for the body functions. When this hormone is highly secreted then the function of GHRH will increase the growth hormone level. As the result, the pituitary gland will be enlarged. Many people will be having swelling in their legs and hands and also they will have strange facial features. Those problems are causing due to this high secretion of growth hormone releasing hormone. The people who are having high GHRH may also face some health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure. Similarly the high level of GHRH may leads to excessive growth of bones in the children body and they will be very tall. If the amount of this GHRH hormone is low then it will not stimulate the growth hormone production and the person will have growth hormone deficiency.