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How you can take advantage of prenatal yoga


Pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing incidents that every woman desires to happen in their lives. However, these are also the incidents for which you need a lot of mental and physical preparation. Pregnancy brings on the responsibility of childbirth and childbirth brings on the responsibility of parenthood. To be prepared for these responsibilities you need to attend prenatal classes in Delhi. These prenatal classes offer comprehensive training on various aspects of pregnancy.

A lot of woman are confused about the fact on whether it is safe to practice yoga during the stages of pregnancy. Yes, it is safe during this stage as long as you do take certain precautions. Do not take any asanas on your back after the first stages of your pregnancy as it is going to reduce the blood flow to the uterus. It is better that you avoid poses which cause your muscles to stretch too much with reference to your abdominal region. But a point to remember is that any form of hot yoga is not desirable when you are pregnant as the chances of exposure to excessive heat is immense.

Responsibilities of a pregnant woman

Your journey as a mother starts as soon as you become pregnant. From then on you have the added responsibility of looking after the fetus in your womb apart from your own health.The fetus will get all its nutrition from you. You also need a lot of nutrition since there is a strong undercurrent of change in your physical entity. So, you need to eat well so that there is no dearth of nutrition for yourself and the foetus.

What you will learn in prenatal classes

In prenatal classes, you will be taught about various reproductive organs in your body and their conditionsand functions of these organs during each trimester of your pregnancy. There are many bodily and emotional changes during your early days of pregnancy. In the class, you will be made aware of these changes. You will also learn how to handle complications, if any. Complications like bleeding and pre-term labour are common. There are ways to get out of these situations and deliver a healthy baby. However, what happens commonly is that women suffer from a nervous breakdown when such problems arise. If you have the knowledge and training you can avoid that.


The toughest and most painful part of pregnancy is child birth. Many women don’t want to go for normal delivery owing to the pain it involves. However, there are ways to minimize this pain. There are also different postures for giving birth. For all this you should join prenatal yoga classes in delhi. A prenatal yoga class is an ensemble of all the knowledge and activity required for a smooth delivery involving minimum physical pain and discomfort. There are several yogic exercises that help women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that come into play when the need for pushing the child out of the birth canal arises during labour pain. The stronger the muscles the more effective is the pressure that you can exert. You will also be taught about the various postures of child birth that take care to see that the pain is minimized and the child is delivered without much hassle.