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Modafinil: How the Drug Is Used in Medicine and Armed Forces

Modafinil: How the Drug Is Used in Medicine and Armed Forces

Modafinil is a eurogic used for the treatment of excessive sleepiness, shift work sleep disorder, and narcolepsy connected with obstructive sleep apnea. Due to the risk of development of hypersensitivity or skin reactions and chronic psychiatric reactions, experts have suggested that new patient prescriptions should only be to ease sleepiness related to narcolepsy. Next, armed forces of various states are known to have illustrated the interest in modafinil 200mg as an alternative to amphetamine. Amphetamine is the pill used in lengthy missions or combat situations in which troops deal with sleep deprivation.

The French government stated that the Foreign Legion used modafinil during certain covert operations. The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense asked for a study into modafinil from QinetiQ and allocated £300,000 on an examination. In 2001, the Indian Air Force announced that modafinil was included in the contingency schemes. In the US military, modafinil has been accepted for use on certain Air Force missions. It’s being examined for other uses. As of November 2012, modafinil is the only pill approved by the Air Force as the “go drug” for fatigue management. The use of dextroamphetamine is banned.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal also states that modafinil is used by astronauts on long-term missions aboard the International Space Station. The cheapest modafinil online is available to optimize performance while facing fatigue and aids with the disruptions in the circadian rhythms. It also helps with the reduced quality of sleep they experience.

Uses of Modafinil

Modafinil minimizes extreme sleepiness because of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, including periods of stopped breathing during sleep. It’s also used to help you stay awake and be active during work hours if you have a work schedule that hinders you from having a normal sleep routine. This medication doesn’t treat these sleep conditions and may not get rid of all of your sleepiness. Modafinil doesn’t work as an alternative for getting enough sleep. It shouldn’t be used to hold off sleep or treat tiredness in people who don’t have any sleep disorder. It’s not known how modafinil works to keep you awake. It’s thought to work by affecting certain substances in the brain that regulate the wake/sleep cycle.

How to Use Modafinil and Its Added Bonuses

Read the medication guide offered by your doctor or pharmacist before you start using the pill and each time you get a refill. If you have any questions, contact your doctors. In cases in which narcolepsy prevails, take this medication orally with or without food as prescribed by your doctor, commonly once daily in the morning. Or if your doctor asks you to, the total daily dosage of modafinil may be divided into the morning and noon doses.

For obstructive sleep apnea, take this drug by mouth with or without food as prescribed by your doctor. Continue your other medicines unless your doctor tells you to stop. If you’re using modafinil for shift work sleep disorder, take it orally with or without food as directed by your doctor, usually once a day; 1 hour before you start your work shift.