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Structural Steel Beams – The Basic Component Of Your House Structure


Steel used as a construction material is called structural steel, it is available in various shapes which are known as a cross structure, cross structures of different types are used depending upon the purpose it is meant for.  Beams are made with different chemical compositions that suit the required purpose. Steel beams are available in a variety of cross sections as given below.

  • I beam which has a cross section resembling the letter I, these sections are also known as Universal Columns and Universal Beams.
  • Z beams where the cross section resembles the letter Z.
  • Hollow section which include round (pipe) sections, square sections, rectangular and elliptical cross sections.
  • Angle sections which have a cross section like the letter L.
  • Structural channels or C beams which have a cross section like the letter C.
  • Tee structures which have a cross section like the letter T.
  • Rail profile which has an asymmetrical I cross section.
  • Bar, a piece of steel which has a rectangular cross section which is flat and long but not very wide.
  • Rod, a piece of metal which is either round or square.

structural steel beams

Since the above mentioned steel shapes form a critical component in the construction of a structure the final product has to be tested and certified by concerned authorities. Most of these beams are made by hot or cold rolling processes, in hot rolling process the beams are rolled when they are hot and malleable while in cold rolling process these are shaped by compressing them in the required shapes by pressing them with heavy duty hydraulic presses. In all types of concrete structures, the load and stress is borne by concrete, steel and masonry, a combination of these materials results in a strong and durable structure. Since the basic structure is first made of steel it must have properties of high strength, toughness, stiffness as well as ductility.

Other Uses Of Structural Steel Beams

Though the primary use of steel beams is for structural purposes, one can come across rail or road bridges in many places which are primarily constructed with steel beams, whereas the base pillars of such structures are made with a combination of steel and concrete the top portions are made entirely of steel. The types of steel beams used for the top portions have different properties due to the carbon content present in them making them suitable for taking the stress of heavy and continuous loads to which they are subjected to. Steel beams are used for smaller structures like vehicle garages, gymnasiums and roofing’s of large departmental stores where the basic structure is made of steel beams and the rest of it is covered with lighter materials like asbestos or a variety of synthetic sheets.

structural steel beams-

Many stadiums are built with steel beams; since they cover large areas, the basic structure is made using steel beams which are bolted or welded together and then covered with lighter materials. The same is the case with railway stations, large bus stands and depots which are constructed with steel beams and covered with lightweight, durable sheets which protect passengers from rain, sunlight or snow.

Hi-Tech Steel Beams

Research for the production of newer types of steel which are less expensive, strong, lightweight, resistant to corrosion and which can withstand high temperatures without losing their basic properties are underway which will result in high standard structural steel. The cost of structures using steel beams will be much lower without compromising on the strength and durability of the structure. This will be a boon to many developed as well as developing countries as it will aid in their economic growth. So, Go for the best structural steel beams for your building’s extended structure & search well for the leading stainless steel manufacturers.