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The KampungArab Destinations You Have To Visit


KampungArab (Arabic Village) in Indonesia has been so popular as one of the best options that you can take especially if you want to feel the distinctive vacation. You can find this village in many cities in the country, such as Surabaya, Malang, Palembang, and etc. So then, they will make you get the impressive and exciting experiences for sure. So, in case you want to gain all of those great things, you have to make sure that you visit these KampungArab destinationsbelow.

Well, here are numerous Kampungarab destinations that you have to visit for the best holiday. They are like:

  • The remarkable homes of the residents

The first destination that is so recommended for you to visit is the remarkable homes of the residents. The reason why you have to visit it is because it can make you find out about the cultures and traditions of the Arabian community in the village more. You can capture the fabulous design of the homes that has been lasting for so many years using your camera. However, you have to make sure that your activity never makes the people there feel annoyed for sure. Furthermore, visiting those homes can also give you the bigger chance to get closer to the people in the village. It is because they will always welcome you in the warmest and friendliest way you have never expected before.

  • The mosque in the village

Moreover, the second destination you have to visit when you spend time in Kampung Arab is the mosque in the village. This particular destination can be the suitable option for you who really want to find out the more knowledge and religious experiences about the religion of Islam. Then, by doing so, you will have the opportunity to meet the elder ones; so that you can ask things that you really want to know from the trusted and reliable sources directly. Besides, you can see the wonderful designs and ornaments of the mosque as well. Basically, they will commonly represent the customs that the Arabian community lives for many years.

  • The stores and restaurants

The next destination that you cannot miss when you come to Kampung Arab in Indonesia is the stores and restaurants. There are actually so many stores that can offer you so various things such as palm fruit, perfumes, souvenirs and accessories, and so many more. All of the stuff will be the great gifts to give to your beloved family and close friends. After that, you can also come to the Arabian themed restaurants that you can find so easily while you are in the village. Those restaurants definitely offer you the super tasty Arabian food and drinks that you will like so much.

In conclusion, those are some of the Kampung Arab destinations you have to visit. They are theperfect places to get away from any stress and boring things. Thus, you will find that you can be so happy every time you go to those places.