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The Top Three Rules for Choosing the Best Bath for Your Needs


With the right kind of bath in your bathroom, you know you are in for many years of pleasure and enjoyment. With a good, well-designed bath, you can truly make your bathroom a comfortable haven for yourself and your loved ones. But what does it take to choose the right bath for your needs? What do you really have to think about? Here’s something to help you decide: the top three rules for choosing the best bath for your needs.

Rule #1: Determine the available space

The very first rule when it comes to choosing the right bath is to determine the available space you have in your bathroom. Make sure to take accurate measurements of the available area, so take out your trusty measuring tape. Do this even before you take a look at the different types of baths out there. Once you have determined the space available for the whirlpool bath, then you can begin considering whether to opt for alcove-style baths, corner baths, freestanding baths (a stylish, elegant, and versatile choice), a pedestal or platform bath, and more.

Rule #2: Do research on the material

There are also a host of materials available for baths. Some of the most commonly recommended materials include acrylic, cast iron (enameled), natural stone such as marble or granite, wood, and more. But amongst all these materials, acrylic can be said to be the most popular, for many reasons. Acrylic has natural warming properties and it is also easy to clean and maintain. Acrylic is also lightweight and easy to mould, so it can be made into a variety of different shapes. If, by any chance, the acrylic surface of the bath is scratched, it can also be easily fixed through sanding.

Cast iron which is enameled is also referred to as porcelain, and whilst it is exceedingly strong and durable can also be quite heavy. For a porcelain or cast iron bath, you may need additional support for your flooring.

Natural materials such as granite, marble, onyx, and even wood are also popular with some homeowners, but they are often expensive, extremely heavy, and may require special care and maintenance.

Rule #3: Think about the quality – and the value for your money 

A bath is definitely an investment. You would want to make sure that you can use the bath for many years to come. It has to be durable, strong, tough, and able to withstand wear and tear quite well. Additionally, you should consider the comfort. When choosing a bath, think of the backrest’s slope as well as its height, and make sure you can comfortably stretch out. You can also opt for armrests and even grab bars for extra safety for the user.