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Top 3 Kids Party Entertainment Ideas To Try Out


If you are planning for your next kid’s party but want to add one or two new twists in terms of entertainment, then you certainly have come to the right place! It is important to think about how you can include some new kids party entertainment ideas in order to keep things fresh not only for your guests but for yourself as well. Here are the top 3 ideas you should consider trying out at your next party!

  • Have an animal theme for all the snacks especially the cake!

Here’s a fun idea that you can include the whole family into! The idea is to make every treat that is to be passed around at the party to resemble any animal of your choosing. You aren’t expected to make a masterpiece of them so just go wild and see what happens! The important aspect of trying out new kids party entertainment ideas is to simply have fun whilst trying them out.

Imagine the surprise for your little guests when you unveil to them a cake shaped in the form of a shark! They might be too surprised to eat it at first but you can bet that there will be a lasting impression for them. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what funny or interesting animal shapes you can come up with!

  • Water Treasure Hunt

This is one of the new and best kids party entertainment ideas to try out especially during the summer because it involves the two things that kids love the most: a swimming pool and a list of things to find in the water! All you really need is an inflatable pool that is big enough for a few kids to be inside it at any one time.

You will want to make sure the items you want the kids to find on the treasure hunt to be waterproof as well. You can put in many different colored plastic balls into the pool together to add that extra layer of challenge for the kids. Not only is this a great way to have fun while cooling off from the summer sun, but it is also bound to be lots of fun!

  • Party with new hats

Party hats have been the staple of any kid’s party since the time they were invented and that is why they are definitely due for an overhaul! What you can do here is to prepare a few designs for the children to follow where if completed, allows them to have new designs of a party hat they are sure to want to wear and never take off!