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Top 5 solicitors for personal injury claims

  1.   A solicitor with lots of experience handling your type of claim

While personal injury solicitors will have handled a wide range of personal injury claims from road traffic accidents to industrial diseases, each and every solicitor has one type of claim that they are most experienced with. Choosing a solicitor who has handled similar claims to yours with success ensures that the claims process will be as fast as possible and everything will be followed properly too. It will increase the chances of claim success.

  1.   A solicitor who’s happy to communicate with you

The claims process is set up so that it involves the claimant as little as possible. Aside from an initial telephone call or meeting and you attending a medical examination, everything will be taken care of by your solicitor and the claims process will run itself. However, it’s always nice to be able to pick up the phone or write an email and get a response, no matter how trivial your question may be. This will make the claims process much more palatable.

  1.   A solicitor who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is

Solicitors make their money by taking on personal injury cases that are winnable. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be earning a living. And so, the best solicitors are those that aren’t afraid to tell it how it is and turn down a case, or advise their client about their odds without sugar coating them. If your case will take months to process, or the chances of success are only 50/50, you want your solicitor to tell you that so you can make an informed decision.

  1.   A solicitor with a high success rate

Success rates in law refer to the amount of cases that are won. A solicitor with a success rate of 80 percent is considered great, while a solicitor with a success rate of over 90 percent is considered one of the very best. The bottom line is the higher the success rate of your own solicitor, the greater the chances of your claim being a success, because you will have somebody with an excellent track record on your side fighting your corner.

  1.   A solicitor who will support you and your family

Throughout the claims process, your solicitor can coordinate medical care and support for you and your family, or whoever else needs it. The best solicitors will do this for you, so that you can continue focusing on your recovery. At, for example, their solicitors will coordinate all your medical care and support and should you need ongoing support beyond your claim then that can be organised as well.