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Understand the Process of Screen Video Capturing With Movavi Software


Screen capture with movavi is a lightweight screen recorder intended for windows that could capture anything from your computer screen as a high-quality video. It allows you to record smooth footage of skychats, online events and program activities within few clicks. Even if you don’t have knowledge about capturing screen video or never done something before, with Movavi screen capture you will find it effortless to get done with screen capture video, due to the simple controls and intuitive interface. Movavi blends easy and powerful features. You can enjoy the favor of flexible capture area settings, the ability to capture audio from more than one source at a time, include cursor and keyboard actions in your video if you wish and save the outputs in any desired format.

Screen capture using movavi

For capturing online video or some other screen activity, choose capture screen from screen capture studio launcher window. Perform adjustment settings in the capture frame manually to make the dimensions of the video fit on your screen or use the option ‘select capture area’ list to select a proper preset size. If you record a tutorial video and want to capture all the activities on your desktop, it is better to choose full screen. Setting the appropriate recording parameters is an important step in screen capture with movavi. Before starting to record the screen activities, modify the capture area by choosing the size and by transferring it to the proper position. You can record either a smaller part or full screen of the screen.

The program allows you to capture output or input sound devices or do both at once. You need to just ensure the necessary audio device shows green checkmark. Adjust the adjacent sliders above or below to change the sound settings of any audio source. If you wish, you can make the video more informative by showing the keyboard actions and mouse cursor. Click at the corresponding icons to use these options up, where the icon will become yellow if the capture is enabled.

Editing options to make changes in the recording

After the desktop video/audio recorder quits recording, you will find a preview window, where based on your wish you can either save the recorded video directly or open it in the in-built video editor to perform further tweaking. Select edit option to improve your raw footage and begin to make your software video tutorial or carry out demo presentation that looks really professional.

Saving and converting video for mobile gadgets

Either within the video editor or inside the preview window, you can save your screen capture video or film is any of required supported media formats like MP4, MKV, 3GP, FLV, AVI, etc. or convert it for convenient playback in your mobile gadget. Just find the list of available options for saving and choose a required format or the desired mobile device. The screen capture studio is compatible with iPhone, apple iPod and PSP, iPad, sonyericsson cellphones, nokia, android featured smartphones and many other devices. The desktop recording software of Movavi allows you to record any other sorts of screen activities, including online streams, web camera and video chats.