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Your Easiest and Most Practical Guide to Proper Packing for Your Move


Packing for a move may be a delight to some, but for most of us, it’s a chore. This is especially true if you have a good number of items, ranging from major pieces of furniture to small and fragile decorative items. But when it comes to proper packing for a move, there is a method to the madness. Here is your easiest and most practical guide to proper packing.

Put the essentials aside first

When you begin packing, you have to pack the essentials first. These essentials would be the stuff that you need whilst you are moving and immediately after your move to your new place. By this, we mean clothing, toiletries, and basic kitchen items. Most of what you need would fit into a standard suitcase or backpack, so do this first. Put aside clothing for one or two nights along with toiletries such as toilet paper and soap, and place basic kitchen items such as a kettle, mugs, spoons and forks, an opener, and the like in a separate small box. By doing this right away, you don’t have to think about it any longer and can instead focus on the important items you need to pack.

Pack per room when you can

The ideal way to pack your items would be to pack per room, as confirmed by removals Worcester experts from Advanced Removals & Storage. By doing this, you can be more organised and are sure of where everything is. By starting your packing from your own bedroom, you can easily place items in one big box and label it accordingly. However, this isn’t too realistic for some of us. Why? Because there may be items that can easily fit into another box from another room. You can, however, make this easier by sorting through your items. For instance, if you have plenty of bric-a-brac from every room just place them all in one box and label them appropriately. It will then be easier to keep track of these small items once you have finished moving to your new place.

The proper labeling method

When it comes to labeling your boxes, you already know that it’s a necessity. But aside from labeling boxes according to room (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.), it would also be a good idea to label your boxes according to weight and according to how it should be placed or oriented, especially when you are having a removals firm help you. It can be quite nerve-wracking to realise that your ‘bedroom’ box, which is heavy, is suddenly placed on top of your ‘bathroom’ box, which is light. You would want your boxes to be placed appropriately in the moving vehicle in order to avoid unnecessary damage. Make sure your boxes are not only labeled per room, but labeled with their weight and orientation as well.